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The Santos Tour Down Under was held last week and I was lucky enough to join the Belkin Europe Social Media team in Adelaide to capture some of the action.  I arrived on the 22nd of January for Stage 2. This race finished in the beautiful town of Stirling, part of the Adelaide Hills area.

As a photographer, this was an easy location as the colours were so vibrant and the scenery was stunning

The Belkin Team were there to capture the action

This is Trista getting ready to introduce the piece on camera

People started arriving early to get a nice spot close to the action

But the streets quickly filled

….and kept filling!

Closet cyclists came out of the woodwork

Friends rode together

The young



The old were there too

So was this guy… although he may have lost a passenger.

It wasn’t too long before the riders came into view.  This was the lead pack

Followed by the large group called the Peloton

Belkin’s colours were easy to see

For those who couldn’t get close enough to the track, screens were conveniently available

Robert Gesink from the Netherlands came in 5th for Belkin

The Belkin support team were there to make sure the riders were taken care of after the race

Still able to have a laugh after 150kms of riding

Adelaide boy Jack Bobridge was a local favourite


One of Belkin’s Twitter followers, Liam was lucky enough to win a ride in the tour car (pictured middle) on stage 4

Liam with the Belkin Bianchi bikes

Receiving his Belkin support gear

Meanwhile, the riders prepared for the race




Subtle branding and Belkin colours could be seen on the bikes


Fans even displayed the Belkin colours on themselves!

This lucky young lady asked for a rider’s feed bag and had it signed by the team

Before long, they were off

Trista working her magic with the crowd

Winding down after the race

Next stage Robert Gesink has a chat with Christian Prudhomme, Director of the Tour de France

Its like looking through time

Stef Clement warming up for his 150km+ afternoon ride

Graham making sure his fans are well taken care of

We had Andrew Feneley with us today – our VIP from Harvey Norman

Stef with Belkin’s soigneur, Ton having a laugh

Not everybody was ready for action.  The local wildlife snoozed as the cameras clicked

The Belkin Australia team were kitted out in green, supporting our riders at Willunga Hill


Trista and I gave away some t-shirts and Belkin goodies to the appreciative fans




He told me i’d get good luck if I rubbed his belly.  Maybe I should have, we came in 4th! so close to the podium

Belkin’s Bike balloon – Totally Connected

Thank You Belkin for the opportunity to capture the event and share in the excitement of the Adelaide Tour Down under, I had a fantastic time.

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